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Mission Statement

Our neighborhood butcher and specialty market bolsters on the communities agriculture industry by giving local farmers and other small business a means to reach the public through our market.


At Branch + Daughter we commit to providing our customers with superior products in the most responsible and sustainable manner based on 1) the humane treatment of animals 2) low-waste methodologies 3) educating the community on alternative food preparation for better health and wellbeing 4) supporting local food, local employees & local community development.

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The soil is just as important as the flower that grows in it

Owner's Monique and Judson Branch
Dinner Party

H e l l o ! 


Meet the owners behind Branch + Daughter.  


That’s Judson on the right, Monique in the middle and their Vada girl on the left.


Relocating to Wisconsin for work, they found themselves a home in a perfect little town just 20 minutes from Madison, called Deforest, Wisconsin.  Little did they know, 4 years later they would be starting a business in the same neighborhood.  


Judson joked early on, that one day they would buy the little log building that housed the neighborhood Italian restaurant.  As fate would have it, the building went up for sale making that dream a reality.


Born and raised in central Pennsylvania, Judson found his passion and respect for food through his love for the outdoors.  He grew up in a family where hunting, fishing and the family garden were used to supply food for the table. Early on, Judson was taught by his parents to respect natural resources and the importance of sustainability.  This would start his 20 year culinary journey throughout the country. 


Comedian Amy Schumer quoted it the best - “I married a chef because I’m a genius!” Monique has become Judson’s biggest critic.  Being in the hospitality industry herself, she brings her own gift of project management and event design to the duo.  


They look forward to bringing back what our cuisine was built on. Providing our local farmers and vendors with another means to reach the public and teaching our customers that cooking is simple - it’s the quality that makes it. Quoted by the famous Dario Cecchini, “our farmers are veterinarians that raise and take care of the animals and the butcher teaches humans how to value them.”


See you soon in the shop!


Judson, Monique & Vada Branch

Branch + Daughter, Quality Meat and Market


Most people have encountered a company with "& Son" or "& Sons" in their name.  In fact, it's pretty difficult not to.   This usually means a business was passed down through generations, or a nod to a long line of tradition.  Why did we pick "Daughter."  Most people think it's because we have a daughter of our own, but there is a little more to the story.


Through the evolution of life, at one point, every woman started as a "daughter."  Eventually becoming a sister, wife, mother, aunt, grandmother, and so on.  Throughout history, the advancement of our society was heavily influenced by the roles that these women assumed.


At Branch + Daughter, we want to recognize the sacrifices made by the "daughters" in our families who have made it possible for us to carry on our names.


Thank you to those that have paved the way.

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You do not need fancy kitchen gadgets to create restaurant level food, it's much simpler, it is the quality ingredients

Pizza Making
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