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Dry Aged

At Branch + Daughter, we have 2 Aging cabinets where our beef is aged from 25-60 days and then fully prepared so it is ready to be seasoned and cooked. We feature local beef and the Certified Angus Beef program. 

Dry Aging beef is simply the process of laying out a piece of beef in a humidity and temperature-controlled environment. Along with the temperature and humidity control, there is a large amount of air circulation that needs to be taken into effect. By closely monitoring the humidity, temperature, and air flow in addition to keeping track of the amount of days or weeks a piece of meat is aged, we are able to control the decomposition of the natural enzymes and connective tissues within the meat itself which in turn makes the meat more tender and enhances the flavor. The dry aging process gives it a more intense flavor profile and adds to the tenderness, but also shrinks the piece of beef due to evaporation of water inside the muscle tissue.

We release our Dry-Aged beef once it has met its full aging process.  Follow us on social media or sign up for our newsletter to be notified! 

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February 10th